Festive Korea 2015 Press Conference Kicks off two months of cultural feast in Hong Kong

September 15, 2015

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[15 September 2015, Hong Kong] The Consulate of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong officially unveiled the programmes of Festive Korea 2015, kicking off two months of cultural feast in Hong Kong.

“Festive Korea has become a significant platform not only for the introduction of Korean culture to Hong Kong, but also for cultural exchange between Hong Kong and Korea. I would like to express my gratitude to the government of Hong Kong and all the institutions that have given generous support for the successful launch of this year’s Festive Korea, and to all those who love Korean culture,” said Ambassador Kim Kwang-Dong, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong, “this year the line-up is even richer and more exciting than ever.”

Entering its 5th Anniversary, Festive Korea will host about 30 programmes including opera, musical, classical music, exhibitions, movies, gourmet and more.

Bringing world class artists to town
For the opening show, the world champion B-Boy dance team Expression will bring a modern musical performance Marionette infused with power and amazing visual effect. World renowned Korean musicians Myung-wah Chung, Yeol Eum Son and Zia Shin will be featured at the HKGNA Music Festival for classical music enthusiasts. In terms of visual arts, the Empty Fullness: Materiality and Spirituality in the Contemporary Korean Art exhibition will feature traditional sculptures and paintings by acclaimed Korean artists while Archaeology of Signs will feature Korean folk paintings.

Fostering cultural exchanges
Festive Korea will feature programs that bring together artists and designers from Hong Kong and Korea, which includes: an original Korean opera Soul Mate performed by Korea National Opera in collaboration with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra; the Traditional Hanbok and Hong Kong Design – Korea-Hong Kong Fashion Show that will showcase works by Jin Woo Cho and Hong Kong talent Chailie Ho.

Masterclasses, workshops and community programs
With the vision of reaching out to the community and cultivating young talents, Festive Korea has organized masterclasses and workshops in collaboration with local organizations: with the joint effort from Hong Kong Generation Next Arts, world renowned Cellist Myung-Wha Chung and Pianist Yeol Eum Son will host masterclasses for local young talents as well as the public, a free-of-charge music therapy workshop will also be presented. Co-organized with The Church of United Brethren in Christ a masterclass will be hosted by the B-Boy team Expression; Interested parties may check out the official website (festivekorea.com) for more details.

As part of the festival, Sandy Bay Charity Fair at Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital is open to public, with proceeds used support the Hospital improve medical facilities for disabled children.

Festive Korea Ambassador – Lim Seul Ong
Festive Korea is delighted to announce that Mr. Lim Seul Ong will be the celebrity ambassador for the festival this year, to promote the cultural festival. He will also be part of the K-Pop Festival 2015 Cover Dance Hong Kong Audition.

Highlighted Programmes

  • Opening performance Marionette (B-Boy team Expression)
  • Opera performance Soul Mate (Korea National Opera & Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra)
  • K-pop Festival 2015 Cover Dance
  • Korea Hong Kong Fashion Show (Jin Woo Cho x Chailie Ho)
  • Empty Fullness: Materiality and Spirituality in the Contemporary Korean Art
  • Out of the Blue (solo exhibition by Clementine Chan)
  • Archaeology of Signs (art exhibition by Hong Ji-Yuen)
  • Hall of Korean Film – STAR Actors Collection
  • Asia Society Korean Film Series
  • Literature on Screen
  • Featuring celebrated Korean chef in partnering venues
  • Korea – Hong Kong Friendship Day
  • In Conversation with Korean Poet Kim Hu-Ran

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About Festive Korea
Festive Korea is organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea and Home Affairs Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong SAR. Aiming to heightens the appreciation and enjoyment of Korean art and culture in diverse disciplines including opera, musical, and pop music, cinema, photography, gourmet and more, the cultural festival has attracted millions of audience since it was first launched in 2011.