“Soul Mate” performed by Korean National Opera in collaboration with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

October 6, 2015

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6th October, 2015

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“Soul Mate” performed by Korean National Opera in collaboration with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

Full of color and vitality, the opera Soul Mate performed by the Korean National Opera will finally make its debut in Hong Kong from 30th to 31st October 2015 in the 5th Festive Korea, organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong. For the first time, the opera will collaborate with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for the performance.

The tale is based on the love story of two young people entangled into an unwanted marriage by their parents. The opera will showcase the pursuit of happiness in love by going against the limitations of traditional marriage. The will to go against tradition will likely move the audience of the social constraints of marriage back in the days of the Joseon Dynasty.

With the Western style of opera put into the old days of the Joseon Dynasty, it will fascinate the audience with the cross over of historical Asian value with modern Western high art form. The combination of a historical setting and contemporary opera is one that cannot be found easily in operas around the world.

Critics have acclaimed the opera as easy going and funny where this will amuse and allow the audience to enjoy the opera with ease. Enormous praise has also been given to the harmony of Western and traditional Korean instruments as it will allow the audience the chance to enjoy both traditional Korean and classical European music at the same time.

The opera has already been performed in other parts of the world including Turkey, Singapore and Germany. The debut in Hong Kong will be bigger than ever, featuring a variety of children in the performance with over 150 performers in the opera.

It will be an eye-opening performance that one must go and see for themselves!

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