Asia Society Korean Film Series: The Face Reader

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Director: Han Jae-rim
Cast: Song Kang-Ho, Lee Jung-Jae, Kim Hye-Soo, Lee Jong-Suk
Runtime: 139 Min
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English Subtitles

Set during the seizure of the throne by Sejo of Joseon in the year 1455, the movie follows the life of Nae-Kyung, who is able to asses a person’s personality, mental state, habits and, consequently, their future, by just studying their face. One day, Nae-Kyung decided to go to Hanyang and worked as physiognomist. His amazing talents quickly spread throughout the area. Nae-Kyung’s skills are soon acknowledged by King Munjong who orders him to identify the potential traitors who threaten his reign……

Presented by:Asia Society Hong Kong Center
Supported by:Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong