Empty Fullness: Materiality and Spirituality in the Contemporary Korean Art

10 am – 8 pm (MON-SUN)

Programme Enquiry: KoreainHKMacao admin@festivekorea.com

“Empty Fullness: Materiality and Spirituality in the Contemporary Korean Art” showcases Korean simple and elegant Joseon culture, through pieces with minimal art and monochrome paintings, which is a vital genre of the contemporary Korean art. The paintings and porcelains from the exhibition embodied the aesthetic orientations of the artists, who had developed the tranquil and magnificent from the emptiness. The artists took the way of non-possession to express spiritual abundance, perfectly interpreted the unique glamour of the “moon jars”, which is simple, pure, humble and self-sufficient. More than emblemed the traditional Korean culture, the “moon jars” also presents what the artists were pursuing: the indifference and elegance of a gentleman. Last year, this exhibition toured around Shanghai, Beijing, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Indonesia.

Presented by:Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong KongKorea Arts management service
Supported by:PMQ
Cooperated with:Traveling Korean Arts