Hall of Korean Film – STAR Actors Collection – Miss Granny

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Director: HWANG Dong-hyeuk
Cast: SHIM Eun-kyung , NA Moon-hee, LEE Jin-uk, Jin Yong(B1A4)
Runtime: 124mins
Language: Korean
Subtitle: Chinese and English Subtitles

Foul-mouthed, 70-year-old OH Mal-soon finds out that her family wants to send her to a nursing home. She lured into the Forever Young Portrait Studio, gets dressed up and takes her funeral portrait. But when she finishes, Mal-soon finds herself transformed from a wrinkly granny to a young Audrey Hepburn. With no one recognizing the new her, she decides to re-live her golden days as 20-year-old OH Doo-ri.

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