In Conversation with Korean Poet Kim Hu-Ran

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Poet Kim Hu-Ran was born in Seoul in 1934. Upon launching her literary career in 1960 through Hyundae Munhak, Ms. Kim joined the newly established Cheongmi Poets’ Group and worked for Daily Korea Times as reporter while she was a student in Seoul National College of Education. The poet has over 20 years’ experience in the media industry, she was first a culture desk reporter for the Gyunghyang(Kyunghyang) Daily News and then an editorial writer for the Busan Daily News. Ms. Kim also served Korea Women’s Development Institute as its second director. Since then she has held numerous posts including member of The Women’s Policy Assembly, the Chair of the Public Fund Management under the Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation, a member of The Government Ethics Committee, a board member of the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, and the 17th director of the Korea Women Writers’ Association.

In 1967, Rapier and Rose, her first collection of poems, was published. It was followed by Some Surf, Wind of Darkness, Dawn of Seoul, The Tree Planted in a Poet’s Heart, A Warm Family, and King Sejong, an epic, totaling 12 volumes of poems. In addition, she compiled the anthologies, In This World of Ours and Songs for Today, and authored There’s a Heart Weeping for You, a collection of essays. Nowadays, she serves as the Chief Director of the House of Literature, Seoul and of the National Campaign for Forests, and she is a joint representative of the Committee for a Mature Society. The poet has received the Hyundae Munhak Award, the Woltan Literature Award, the Korea Literature Award, the Hyoryoung Grand Prix, the Pen Club Award, and the distinguished National Medal Moran.

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