Festive Korea: Explore Korean Desserts Trend

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Sweet treat craze over dessert market in Korea. Desserts are the next big Korean thing in Hong Kong as reported on the growing popularity of Korea-style ice cream and desserts. Diners are heading in droves to Korean dessert cafes and shops selling delectable sweet treats. This dessert culture grows from cafe, which is more than just coffee and sweets. Some enthusiasts make it as a study of dining customs, lifestyle traditions and social dynamics that explores how consumers use foodservice. Theme dessert shops are growing in popularity, forming new social traditions and changing the way the new generation eats. We are pleased to have invited representative from Frozen Princess Café, one of the largest Korean theme dessert chains, to talk about the Korean desserts trend and teach all participants to make their signature dessert items including Beauty Apple and Korean Fruit Tart.

Presented by:The Food and Wine AcademyThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Supported by:Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong